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Since 2000

< Need To Feed filmed in Dunrobin, ON and Norway Bay, QC  takes 6 high school students to the ghost town of Mill Creek to shoot a documentary for their senior media class. The myth of the Wendigo has surrounded this Milling town since the early 1900's. As soon as the students arrive, they realize the myth is not myth at all...

Need to Feed is Finnigan Productions best selling film to date. Available on Amazon. Click on the icon to get your copy today!

< Hollywood Bread (our personal favourite Finnigan Production)  takes Dustin O'Shea, a washed up hit man and his 6 person crew of merry criminals on a suicidal mission for the Ottawa drug lord Santa. This crime comedy pays homage  to Snatch, Lock Stock with a dash of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir dogs and some Canadian twists thrown in. Hollywood Bread is 100% free and can be viewed on YouTube by clicking the icon!

Features the tracks of Richard J. Amman III

www.11h30.com. Please check him out!

< One of our first films "Prime Instinct" takes an elite military bio weapon clean-up squad through hell as they find out the cause of the outbreak at the GBRDC Alaska Facility, what the outbreak has unleashed and how to survive it.

Shot at Carleton University in Winter 2003 on Hi8. The sound is pretty shotty as well as the picture, but was fun as hell to shoot! We hope you all enjoy watching one of our first films. Enjoy!

Free on YouTube, just click on the link <<< over there!

Prime Instinct - Full Movie

< Anno Domini 3048 set in a post apocalyptic future where the church has taken control of a rattled surviving population. Crusades have broken out once again and all technology, literature, music and art has been destroyed. A small group of Church crusaders find a piece of this forgotten arcane technology, that has them questioning the truth they have been taught by the church, and each other. Shot in Ottawa, ON Canada Anno Domini has been our most popular piece to date. Please pick up your copy on Amazon! Enjoy this very unique piece from Finnigan Productions!


A rookie P.I. accepts his first case, which brings him to the sordid Chalice City. Assuming he's dealing with an affair, he feels he will solve it in no time. But soon after arriving in town things take a far darker and deadlier turn.


Available for purchase on Amazon, CreateSpace or to be viewed on YouTube.

This page encompasses our works dating back to 2003! Enjoy!