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Started in 2000 by brothers Chris & Tim Finnigan. The two have completed more than 20 films over more than a decade. They create both shorts and features that encompass all genres.

Finnigan Productions believes in creating entertainment films for our fans around the globe. We shoot our films in or around Ottawa as we know it is a friendly film town with a great future for filmmaking. 

Chris Finnigan is a graduate from Carleton University Film studies and his brother Tim Finnigan is a theatre arts graduate from Algonquin College. They have combined their skills for all productions and wear the Producer, Director, Actor and Cinematographer hats...and much much more!

Finnigan Productions has recently made a move into video game creation and their first title "Dreamer's Web" is now available worldwide through itch.io

^ From Left: Tim Finnigan, Steven Scott, Chris Finnigan, Nick Cloutier, Matt Ouellette. Finnigan Productions team 2013

< Tim Finnigan Demo Reel

< Chris Finnigan Demo Reel

​​Finnigan Productions Ottawa Indie Film

Since 2000

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